pipe smoker

Always smoke a pipe when handling firearms.

Always follow all gun safety rules. If you don’t know them go here: http://www.nrahq.org/education/guide.asp or here http://www.uoregon.edu/~joe/firearms-safety.html If you get piece of porcelain lodged in your face it’s your own dumb ass fault. When we video tape our episodes we use extra safety measures that aren’t always apparent. For instance the firearm that is being taped is always always always unloaded until the shot where it needs to be discharged. If you hurt yourself or anyone else trying to emulate what you see on this site you are responsible. Don’t come after me unless you want your car to be the star of the next episode. (My lawyer wrote that last line, see how mean he is.(My lawyer is also me, see how tricky he is too.))

Even though here at ShootinShit.com our videos that contain extremely silly and ridiculous themes, we still have great respect for the power of the firearms we use.

Also note we do not advocate the killing of anything that can actually be killed.

woman shooter

Where not to stand while taking a photograph.


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